TLL guest on podcast Oct. 18

Teen Learning Lab will be the featured topic on the podcast Emerging Micro-Schools, hosted by Jade Ann Rivera. Ms. Rivera started a micro-school in California, wrote a book about the experience, and now supports and encourages the development of micro-schools across the country.  The podcast is TOMORROW! Oct. 18, at 7 p.m. Central. You can register here.




Now it’s getting serious

tll wk 4 essayistic taylor et al
Students listen to personal essays written by classmates Friday.

Week 4 of The Justice Project found the students confronting serious topics in all their Justice Project classes: personal essays about the students confronting their fears in the Essayistic class, and in Pre-Law, a consideration of different kinds of murder cases.

Science & Justice students launched into a provocative discussion about the pressures the teens face regarding gender roles. Students raised important viewpoints and a wide variety of perspectives about masculinity, femininity and humanity.

New this week! A Student Dispatch from the Essayistic class! We will feature student writers who will give us the inside view of Justice Project classes as the year proceeds. See more at the Justice Project blog!

Justice and Law

The first Law Movie night was held over the weekend– students shared snacks, homemade, dairy-free ice cream (Thanks, Mrs. D!) and a brief discussion about justice at the end of the movie. More discussion in class on Friday! See the Justice Project Blog for peeks into all the classes on Friday, Week 3.

tll just law movie 1 ok
Discussing the film To Kill a Mockingbird.

Floating Classroom: Week 2

tll just lake eliza meaghan ritt boat
Students measuring turbidity of water in old quarry at Independence Grove in Libertyville. Part of a floating classroom field trip for the Science & Justice class.

TLL students at Friday’s class  examined aspects of essay writing, the parameters of law-making, and the qualities of local water and soil sources. Week 2 found Science & Justice students on a second field trip to study water; Pre-Law students learning that lawyers actually have moral and ethical responsibilities, and analyzing water samples for various chemicals and pollutants. See The Justice Project Blog for more photos and information!

Justice Project Classes Start!

Teen Learning Lab’s Justice Project 2017-18 officially started Friday! Essayistic students threw themselves into writing with an exercise in observation. In Pre-Law, students shared wacky laws and were introduced to the legal system. Science & Justice saw the students working outside as they began their study of the intersection of activism and science. Great to see many new and old faces! It’s going to be an awesome year!

Botanic Gardens Field Trip

tll just bot water vert small groups girls
Small groups work to identify macro-organisms found in aquatic plants at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.

Students in the Science & Justice class jumped into environmental science with a Field Study at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. The students worked in groups to test the pH and nitrate levels, measure turbidity, and identify micro-organisms lurking in the aquatic plants. See the Justice Blog for more photos!

Getting Oriented

tll orient 17 spud 1
Teen Learning Lab students and instructors play Spud at Friday’s Orientation.

Welcome, Teen Learning Lab families! We had an amazing Student Orientation Day on Friday. This year we expanded Orientation to include team-building exercises and personality exercises to help students learn more about themselves and each other.  Classes officially start next Friday, but the Science & Justice class already has a field trip early next week to the Chicago Botanic Gardens. See more photos and information in our Justice Blog!