Collages, collections, curations: Teen Learning Lab students presented their end-of-semester projects last month in the Frankenstein literature class, demonstrating a wide range of creative interpretations of a variety of themes found in Mary Shelley’s novel. Below are just some of the presentations– posters and dioramas– that were on display at the end of the semester.



Above is a collage of collected comic images that illustrate various aspects of Frankenstein.


A variety of colors found in natural objects referenced by Victor Frankenstein.


Above is a diorama illustrating the passage of time in Frankenstein.

Above the class watches a video created by one of the students.

We saw a wide variety of interpretations of the many themes found in Shelley’s book– it was inspiring to see how deeply many of the students’ took their studies!

During the winter break, instructors are preparing for next semester, which for both Frankenstein Literature and Bioethics will expand on the ideas and themes explored in this first semester.  Enjoy the break, everyone!