Does justice have a connection to science? What does it mean to ‘do justice’ to a topic in an essay? How is justice employed in our legal system? Students at Teen Learning Lab will be studying different approaches and representations of justice over the course of the 2017-18 year in three courses: Science and Justice; The Essay and Empathy, and Pre Law/Mock Trial. These classes will immerse the students in a wide variety of ways to think about and practice justice in their studies and in their communities.

In Science and Justice, Dr. Ruth Kumala will be leading students in an examination of both historic and current episodes of the collision between science and justice. Her students will practice citizen science in small group research projects designed to bring science to individuals and the community. Students will present their research at the 2018 Illinois State University High School Science Research Symposium in Normal, Illinois, April 27, 2018.

In The Essay and Empathy, Mr. Lee Ferdinand’s students will learn the mechanics of writing essays, then conduct a deep dive into the world of the personal essay as they explore how empathy is connected to art, literature, dance, architecture, sculpture and film. They will study the craft of professional essayists and work to improve their own essay-writing skills to ‘do justice’ to their topics. Individual artistic practice exploring empathy will be encouraged, with a final student show at the end of the year.

In PreLaw/Mock Trial, we welcome Mrs. Leslee Dirnberger to Teen Learning Lab! Her students will study the basics of our justice system by focusing on how laws are created and what makes a ‘just’ law. In the second half of class students will learn how to prepare a case for trial, and work to prepare a full Mock Trial at the end of the year.

Justice Project Early Registration for current Teen Learning Lab families is April 1-28, 2017. Open registration to the homeschooling public will start May 1, 2017. For information on registering please use the Contact form.