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Students debate the psychological profile of a character in a Dostoevsky novel.

Today, students in the Electrophoresis Project began organizing the write-up of their project for the symposium, as well as writing a script for the voice-over of their how-to video for the project. In The Acetaminophen Project students divided into two teams, one which is print-based and the other web-based, as part of their effort to raise awareness about acetaminophen.They also began planning educational seminars at area libraries to start their campaign to raise awareness. The Cozmo team continued to work to install software that will allow Cozmo to recognize different glyphs. Once that is installed they will be able to move forward with programming Cozmo. After today we have four more class meetings before students present their work at the Illinois State University’s High School Science Symposium in Normal, Illinois.

Students today debated the psychological profile of a fictional character in a Dostoevsky work — see the Frankenstein Blog for more info.