tll and dr emily anderson bioethicist
Dr. Emily Anderson, in center holding travel mug, with Teen Learning Lab students.

Students on Friday in Bioethics, Biomimicry and Biotechnology reveled in a long, wide-ranging and deep discussion on all things bioethical with Dr. Emily Anderson, a bioethicist with the Neiswanger Institute for Bioethics at Loyola University’s Medical Center. Dr. Anderson talked about her work before the conversation launched into the world of universal health care, the “Veil of Ignorance,” equity vs equality, genetic predispositions, genetic testing and personal responsibility. After the discussion Dr. Anderson spent a long time visiting with each project team to learn about and discuss their projects. It was fun! and such an honor for the students to have a professional bioethicist take an interest in their studies and projects. Thank you, Dr. Anderson!

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