The latest rounds of snow, ice, deep freezes and thaws certainly increase motivation to start planning for a spring. Here at Teen Learning Lab, the Instructors, Board, and new Advisory Committee are working on plans for the 2018-19 school year. It is exciting to think of the possibilities that are ahead of us! I love thinking about ways to open more and more doors to our students. The high school years are full of hope and anticipation for the future– what better time for our community to develop ways for students to tap into their potential, explore new subjects, practice independence, and take control of their educations– and their own futures!  We will be announcing plans for the new program year in March, along with dates for Open Houses and Registration.

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As for the students, they are busy, busy, busy working on their projects. In Essayistic, they are finalizing their editorial board for their class ‘zine and further working on their writing; Mock Trial sees them learning how to write effective Opening Statements; and in Science & Justice they are setting up their small-group projects, as well as debating the pros and cons of genetically modified foods With all that activity, the students also work in active break times on Fridays. See the Justice Project Blog for photos of our students taking a break!