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Students in the Essayistic class work in groups on the class ‘zine while instructor Lee Ferdinand meets with a student in March. The whiteboard has the students’ organization of student-written essays into magazine sections.

Homeschooling — particularly the high school years — certainly attracts a large share of teens who are independent spirits. That independence will fuel these teens throughout their lives as they navigate the high school years, the college years and beyond. They will forge new and exciting paths throughout their lives–they will change the world!

And, (and I say this with love) they will drive people nuts. That same independence can calcify into inflexibility and narrow-mindedness, undermining their efforts. 

At Teen Learning Lab, we offer interesting and challenging courses that go beyond the traditional high school curriculum. These courses are challenging in ways that are different from traditional homeschool teen cooperatives. Our classes incorporate teamwork and long-term projects–both of which offer different kinds of challenges for many homeschooled teens. These include challenges to make long-term plans — and stick to them. We challenge them to work with one another –which often requires them to address personal disagreements. There is a lot of learning taking place on many different levels.

Teen Learning Lab encourages students to set their own goals, and our instructors are ready to help students work towards their personal benchmarks. Our classes are challenging for those students who take the initiative and invest themselves–the courses are as rigorous as each teen wants to make them.

Those students who get the most out of Teen Learning Lab decide to use the courses as a jumping-off point for their own education. Our instructors provide a structure and regular assignments. The successful student at Teen Learning Lab is able to develop and rely on a personal strength of initiative and purpose. These students love learning for learning’s sake, and they thrive in Teen Learning Lab’s culture. They hold themselves accountable and do not wait for or need approval from an instructor.

Teen Learning Lab is very pleased to offer The Point-of-View Project for 2018-19. Teen Learning Lab is finalizing details of the launch of our new online registration. Seats are limited. Current families will be able to register in April. New families will be able to register starting May 1. If you wish to register your teen, please email us, using the Contact page. Our Registrar will email you the link to the online registration on May 1. Please note that the Registration Fee of $150 is due by June 15. This fee covers TLL rent and insurance costs. Instructors are paid directly and need to be paid in full by July 15 to guarantee your student’s seat in the program.

We look forward to welcoming your teen to Teen Learning Lab of Greater Chicago Organization.