“Tree,” “escape” or “leaking,” “sun.” The Essayistic class is finalizing their class ‘zine, which now has a name: “Komorebi,” which in Japanese uses the symbols that conjure a vision of sunlight sifting through the leaves of a tree. Above, left, is the art and part of the design for the cover of the ‘zine. On the right a student works one of the pieces of art that illustrates another student’s essay.

The image of dappled sunlight does not immediately call to mind images of justice, as part of Teen Learning Lab’s Justice Project. However, this year has seen many bursts of brilliance from our teens as they grow and emerge into caring, educated adults. They need the kind sunlight of knowledge, insight, and self-awareness. They bend and bow amid the winds of emotions, but they are always turning toward the sun. How can there be justice when there is no light? These teens are always demanding more light. We need to give them that light.

With only one more class meeting before our final class on May 4, the Justice Project students were busy Friday finalizing their personal and group final projects. For more about the Essayistic class, Mock Trial, and Science & Justice, please see the Justice Project Blog.