With the end of the Justice Project in sight, some of the Teen Learning Lab instructors turned reflective on Friday, sharing insights into how the courses have challenged and inspired Teen Learning Lab students.

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Lee Ferdinand created the Essayistic Class specifically for Teen Learning Lab. In the fall, students deeply explored a wide range of personal essays, written across centuries. This spring, the students wrote their own essays and are creating a class ‘zine in which their essays will be published. There will be both an old-fashioned print version and a website which will include short films and audio created by students. But it has been up to the students to figure out how to create these works.

Students turned to Slack. Amidst the typical teen discussion, Snap has been the site of thoughtful and provocative discussions and peer critiques of student essays. The students created folders to organize the Zine’s contributions.

Lee believed that the students really had accomplished quite a lot in his class, and that the project of the ‘zine motivated and drew in students who were initially reluctant to participate. Seeing these students contribute and join in the learning has been such a joy. To see more teacher and student insights, as well as photos, see The Justice Project Blog.