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End-of-the-year Student Symposium at Teen Learning Lab

tll just last journalThe Justice Project at Teen Learning Lab saw intense debates among students over issues ranging from free speech to bullying to activism vs. science. Students argued, read, wrote, and argued some more. Throughout the year, themes of justice permeated the discussions. In the Essayistic class, students dove deeply into the personal essay, producing a class ‘zine and website. Students in Pre-Law/Mock Trial prepared and tried a mock trial as their final class presentation. And in Science & Justice, students chose research projects, preparing them for presentation at the Illinois State University’s High School Science Symposium at the end of April. We ended the Justice Project with a Launch Party for the ‘zine, right, and a student symposium for friends and family to see the presentations. Thank you to all our wonderful families at Teen Learning Lab for joining us in our second year. We look forward to seeing you again and welcoming new families to our Point-of-View Project 2018-19. Have a great summer!