How can we learn to see, appreciate, and understand opinions that are different from our own? Part of becoming educated is learning to understand other people’s perspectives. At Teen Learning Lab we are tackling the nuts and bolts of perspectives in our 2018-19 Point-of-View Project.

In our Cinema & Society course, students will be examining literal points of view in film-making. This generation of teens is growing up in a highly visual world, immersed in videos. This class will teach them video literacy– how to interpret videos and recognize when their emotions are being manipulated by different visual and sound effects. Students will create their own short videos, all to be screened at the end of the year in a Teen Learning Lab Film Festival.

Our Underwater Robotics class tackles the practical skills of seeing in a different environment. Students will learn how to get a remote-operated vehicles (ROV) to ‘see’ what they want to see underwater in local waterways. Simultaneously,  students will have labs in biology, aquatic biology, chemistry, and other necessary sciences, in addition to practicals in building an ROV. Students will be able to use their ROV to conduct research for local environmental groups. Students can opt to participate in an April 2019 Marine Advanced Technology Education competition or present their scientific findings at the Illinois State University High School Science Symposium in Normal, Illinois, also in April 2019.

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