Creating an remote-operated vehicle that can operate underwater plunges students into real-life, hard-core scientific study. Our weekly, 90-minute Underwater Robotics class will be busy with labs, demonstrations, and learning skills such as…soldering. This doesn’t leave much time for classroom instruction in general biology, or environmental science, or marine science. For that reason, to get the most out of the Underwater Robotics class, we strongly recommend that students also plan to study a life science outside of Teen Learning Lab this year. This can be as simple as reading a high school biology textbook, or an environmental science textbook, or marine science textbook. Any of these sciences pairs very well with the Underwater Robotics that will be taught on Fridays at Teen Learning Lab. Dr. Kulmala will help you correlate your independent study with the topics covered on Fridays. And for those interested in taking the AP Biology or AP Environmental Science test, Dr. Kulmala will hold an AP Study Group on Fridays after class.