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Still shot from “The Man with  the Movie Camera,” by Dziga Vertov, considered by some to be one of the top 10 films ever made. “The film drama is the Opium of the people,” he wrote. “Down with Bourgeois fairy-tale scenarios…long live life as it is!”  (image and quote from

Soviet filmmaking and the qualities of water claimed the focus of classes last Friday at Teen Learning Lab. In the film class, students examined Soviet films made after World War I, before the rise of Stalin: “Battleship Potemkin,” particularly the Odessa Steps Sequence, and “The Man with the Movie Camera.” These Soviet films faced the challenge of appealing to a nation of many languages, so the filmmakers emphasized imagery that transcended language. Many of the films stressed a shared experience to draw the nation together in the aftermath of World War I and the Russian Revolution. The filmmakers also realized that they could introduce “gaps” in the narrative of their films, and that the audience would automatically fill in those gaps– leading to the film montage.


In Underwater Robotics, students considered the qualities of the water, along with some explosive demonstrations of those qualities! Balloons and Bunsen burners were involved. The students also explored the water cycle, learning that often vast amounts of water can be lost in the cycle — draining into aquifers for thousands of years. The AP Study Group worked to develop a short class demonstration of water filtration for the Underwater Class to complete this Friday before the canoe trip.