How nature heals

Snails. Daphnia. Diving beetles. Back swimmers. These live organisms had moved in to mediate a dead zone at Rollins Savannah in Gurnee. On Friday they were making a guest appearance at TLL's Underwater Robotics class. Students had the chance to examine at length these organisms under a microscope. "Oh my gosh, this is so interesting--you … Continue reading How nature heals


Q and A with our Underwater Robotics instructor

Ruth Kulmala, MPH, PhD, is a medical researcher with a PhD in bio-medical engineering and masters’ degrees in public health and epidemiology/biostatistics. She has taught science classes extensively throughout the homeschool community. Dr. Kulmala will be submitting her Underwater Robotics syllabus to the College Board for the official AP Biology audit. She has successfully received … Continue reading Q and A with our Underwater Robotics instructor